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Extreme desperation.
This is a very personal album which was recorded over a short period of time, contains a flood of entirely negative emotions.
This album is a polar opposite to Songs of Hope for the Hopeless and can be viewed as its first part, the seemingly hopeless search for a cure to hopelessness, anger and depression. It feels like drowning.

Warning: this album is mixed to be extremely loud.


released October 10, 2015

Atticus Zechariah is Antranik Zakarian



all rights reserved


Emotional Skyscapes Turku, Finland

The music of Antranik Zakarian.
Thank you for listening!

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Track Name: Rot
the cure
the pure
don't let go
who are you?
who are you?
who are you?
who are you?

the cure
they breathe in
the cure
who are you?
the cure
the cure
who are you?
you are alone

no sheets beneath the curtains
the veil has failed
uncloud these shrouds
to the cross he was nailed
the cure
the cure
the cure
they breathe in
the cure
who are you?
the cure
who are you?
the cure
Track Name: Drill
thusly spoke the lord
this is the drill
that needs a screw
to fill

thusly spoke the lord
this is the book
of the lord
of the lord
virtue! the great scam!

even the liberator
spoke thus
no cure
for the lord
to fill
the drill
the rotting drill
soul drill
feeling so fucking ill

to overcome
to overcome
the drill
to overcome
to overcome
the drill of the lord
Track Name: Sick
they are sick
they are disgusting
they suffer
they are sick
they are disgusting
they suffer

they breathe in
the air
they are sick
they are disgusting
they suffer

no mind
they suffer
Track Name: Mind
What a breathtaking whisper
A sound of collapse
A sound of disappearance
What a saddening display
A moment lifeless
A moment of silence

What a mindless act
To disappear into darkness
To wish for politeness
Yet not act with kindness
Did you expect a different reception?
Did you expect them to kneel at your feet?
Did you expect them to long for you?
Or did you plan your own defeat

The words from his mouth were like molten lava to our feet
We shook with anger and with hatred
We wished for a new beginning
One without such treason on humanity
Our lives seemed so meaningless in these eyes
But we understood our position
And we recognized our opposition
And we gathered our ammunition
As we longed for recognition

We started the act
We begun to look at the horizon
The flood had started
And the flood wouldn't end
As long as we continued our lives
The way we desired
His filth was no longer required
We had rid ourselves of our sins

What a breathtaking message
A message of collapse
A message of disappearance
What a heartbreaking display
A moment of silence
A moment of silence

And the sound of silence spoke ever stronger to me
And the sound of silence spoke for every one I'll see
And the sound of silence broke the walls we've built
And we know ourselves we were just longing to be freed

This is our flood
Track Name: Gold
Those eyes in your head
Don't draw the plains
The plains polluted by your prisons
And your mountains and your grains
Every single time you look at me
I feel as if I'm dying
But my life is ending
And you're really trying

I can see
You floating away
In a flood
A few inches off the ground

I can see
The relaxation in your mind
As you close your eyes and leave behind
All that's safe and known

A suicide or an escape
You feel secure as the light shafts fade

And it repeats and repeats again...

And the real world is ending
As you keep on descending
Track Name: Suffer
They're sick
They suffer

And the day
Had to be seen
By the diseased

For a long time
They'll try
Forgive their dreams
And the follies of virtuosity

These arms
To transcend

Or they will always remain
To be the bad writers
Was once in sight
But has lost his serious sensibilities
If only these were explained
Then maybe they wouldn't have to suffer as much

Maybe they could find
The cure
Track Name: Alone
They suffer

Who are you?
You are alone
Suffer alone
The cure

They suffer