Songs Of Hope For The Hopeless

by Atticus Zechariah

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This is a very personal album which was recorded over a short period of time. Contains the more beautiful sides of life. Melancholy, nostalgia and happiness. Overcoming fear and depression.
This album is a polar opposite to Flood and can be viewed as its second part, the cure to the hopeless depression present in that album. Being pulled out of the ocean and saved from drowning.

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released October 10, 2015

Atticus Zechariah is Antranik Zakarian
Flute on track 7 - Christiana Efthymiou
Lyrics on track 7 are a quote from A Boy Named Charlie Brown written by Charles M. Schulz



all rights reserved


Emotional Skyscapes Turku, Finland

The music of Antranik Zakarian.
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Track Name: Kicking Clouds
Summer of light
Summer of life
Why can I not see it clear
The glass slide lies
Memories wilted
Memories lost
The world is painfully dark
I can't see anymore
I'm blind

The Cloudkicker looked at us confused
Stained glass windows hiding our past
It was truly imperfect
We were wonderfully imperfect
And as I look back
The curiosity is accepted
Sunspots of lies
The daylight dies

Summer of light
Summer of life
Why can I not see it clear
The glass slide lies
Memories wilted
Memories lost
The world is painfully dark
I can't see anymore
I'm blind

Reflecting upon the same perplexing thoughts
I want you to remember
The day we all went to the fields
We played and it was surreal
The memory is beautiful
I'll miss you
I miss you

I know you can't understand
Why I threw myself into the ocean
Again, tragedy repeated
The skies were left defeated
Why'd I throw myself in the sun?
Cast into the falling light
Forgotten in time entirely
I don't mind.
Forever yours truly.
Track Name: Hope's Tired
Can we be
What we want to be?
Or must we be
Restricted by finity

That's what he told me
When we were sitting at the beach
That a bird is everything that it wants to be
But most of us will never be
What we want to be

Too much life to be spent
Wondering if it's ever spent well
Nobody will ever be greater than what they're restricted by

So let the leaves fall
Their fall shows some hope
But hope is really tired
And hope is going home
Track Name: Jacob
There was once
A great man living in a shoebox
He'd bring us candy and toys
A true white-bearded marvel

One day he took off
And we never saw him again
But oh Jacob today I found you
You were lying in a ditch just out of town
I really wanted to save you
But your soul had already left
And here I am alone
Imagining myself talking to you
And you know, Jacob, I'll miss you
I think I already do

I really miss the times we'd play outside in the yard as kids
You'd wear your fake white beard
And we were wizard and knight
Together we'd save the world
And kill all kinds of bad things
Jacob, I really miss you
But I'm sure you're much happier now
I heard of your depression
And your numerous suicide attempts
I wish I was there to help you
But I never even bothered to contact
And oh Jacob how I'm sorry
I could've at least tried

But I never did
And now you've finally succeeded
And I know I might end up just like you
But I don't want to bear the guilt
Of people feeling just how I feel
Thinking of you
Oh Jacob how I miss you
But I'm sure we'll meet again
Track Name: Building Houses
Here I lay
Writing another song about hope
Hope is a human sacrifice
And the best and worst of emotions all at once
Hope only exists because our lives are shit
But when it drains away we won't still exist

But God damn it, we all need hope
So let's just live and hope
Without it we'd all be done

If only ever did they teach us
Of the suffering that precedes us
Then we'd all learn to use some hope
And hope may be nothing but a lie
But without hope we'd all die
And if having hope means to reach the sky
And fly

Then God damn it, we all need hope
So let's just live and hope
Track Name: Enduring Memories of Summer
I was cold
The wind whispered in my ear
Soon they'll be gone, everything I've kept so dear
The world is nothing but a dark reflection of my thoughts
There's nothing worth seeing on the other side
It's all worthless, just like me
Just like good old me
You were always different
But your eyes don't shine like they used to
My memory is failing me
The sunspots, they don't reflect as they used to
Why can't I see them?
What is wrong with me?
Birds of prey let them live
Don't take their lives
Don't take their lives their lives are beautiful
Don't take their lives they're wonderful

That window of hopelessness had reminded me
I'm scared

It's so cold here
It's so cold
Enduring memories of summer

Perhaps you can't understand
The way the seashore's empty with a thousand souls
The way the prism shakes yet my heart is looking away
My burden leaves me no choice but to seep in fear
It's all so beautiful
You'll never understand
As if I do...
Track Name: A Bird
The wayfarer reaches his destination
The path was very clear
I forget my secret garden
I forget my home
It was always right beside me

I keep getting colder
Is it a wonderful feeling?

The ferryman closes his eyes
The days are getting shorter
We're reaching our secret garden
We're reaching our past life

I saw a ray of light
The ocean had allured me to believe once again
In you
In myself

I should be leaving now...
My world is slowing down...
Do you remember how it happened?
As I flung myself into the fire
Do you know why the tragedy repeated?
I haven't lived since those days
It's so blissful
I've understood...
This is my last goodbye.
Track Name: A Fool
Well, I can understand you well
And how you must feel

You worked hard
Studying for the spelling bee
And I suppose you feel you let everyone down
And you made a fool of yourself and everything

But did you notice something, Charlie Brown?
The world did not come to an end